[Video 18+] Aliza Sehar Video Viral || Aliza Sehar Viral

By | October 28, 2023

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Aliza Sehar Video Viral || Aliza Sehar Viral

[Video 18+] Aliza Sehar Video Viral || Aliza Sehar Viral
[Video 18+] Aliza Sehar Video Viral || Aliza Sehar Viral

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Application Watch Viral Aliza Sehar Video Call Viral

For some ordinary android users, maybe not many know how to play videos on android. Well, on this occasion YaTekno will provide tips so that you can play videos on android using subtitles.

That way, later you can watch your favorite movies through android devices anytime and anywhere. And of course you no longer need to bother to play movies via DVD or PC.

To be able to play movies using subtitles through android, you need to use additional applications. Because basically the built-in video player already installed on our android does not have the ability to insert subtitles, or even does not support some type of video format.

Well, here Yatekno has a list of the ten best video player applications for android with subtitle support.

Best Android Video Player Apps 2023

MX Player

MX Player is the best and best-selling video player application with more than 500 million downloads. J2 Interactive as the developer of this application does provide pampering for android users, especially movie lovers. This is because it is rich in features.

Some of the mainstay features that you can enjoy from this application, for example, such as inserting subtitles on a movie that is playing, zooming in and zooming out, and much more. As for the various subtitle formats that you can enter, among them are like .srt,.sub,.idx,.mpl,.psb, and others.

What kind of videos can you play in MX Player? the answer is almost everything. Yes, this app supports almost all types of video formats, such as .avi,. mp4, and many other types of video formats.


For movie lovers who like to play their movies via PC, you may be familiar with the name of this one video player. Yes, KMPlayer does provide the best for its users. The reason is, this application has features and some support that can be relied on.

Some gesture features can also be enjoyed in this application, for example, such as adjusting video speed, adjusting video contrast, and adjusting running audio. What’s more, you can play videos on your Android with a floating screen, cool isn’t it. Well, for you fans of high quality Movies (HD), then KMPlayer is the right choice.

VLC for Android

No less shining with other video players, you can also rely on VLC as a video player on your Android. Yes, the application, which is known for its quality, was once highly relied on by movie lovers who played their favorite movies through a computer.

In addition to the relatively light weight of the application, VLC also has complete features that will spoil you. Moreover, you can enjoy this video application on android that has android version 2.3 (Gingerbread).


This video player application may not be as popular as other similar applications, but BSPlayer has features and support that can be relied on. One of the advantages given by this application is the ability to play movies or videos that do not drain your Android battery too much.

It supports almost all kinds of popular video formats, such as .avi,.mkv,. mp4,.flv, and many more. For movie lovers, you don’t need to worry about looking for subtitles on your favorite movies. Because this application is able to search for subtitles through its search feature, of course, it requires an internet connection.

MX Player Pro

Instead of the free version, this application made by J2 Interactive is certainly much better. Although users have to spend Rp 72,000, -, it will certainly be comparable to the advanced features embedded in this premium version.

Some of the advantages of MX Player Pro include multi-core decodeng support and more comfortable gestures to enjoy your favorite movies.


Of the ten best video player apps for android above, which one are you more interested in? Most importantly all of the above applications you can download for free on Google Play!

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